About Gordon...

Gordon was started by Raymond Penners. The goal of the Gordon project is to provide a collection of small tools that can be used to create/manipulate Macromedia Flash movies. Creating a full-fledged GUI based Flash authoring tool is (at least for now) not one of the goals.

Flash Gordon: Where am I?
Princess Aura: Back from the dead. I've saved you.
Flash Gordon: My God! How?
Princess Aura: By magic, of course. With a kiss, because I like you.

Gordon consists of:

a library that converts SVG into SWF. This library is well underway, have a look at these example files.
a command-line tool using libsvgtoswf. Work has not been started yet.
a command-line based Flash movie creator. Flash movies are to be authored in an XML file. Gordon is to Macromedia Flash what Povray is to 3DStudioMAX. Work has not been started yet, libsvgtoswf needs to be ready first.